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Which ATV is Right For Me

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Which ATV is Right For Me

Which ATV is Right For Me?

Over thirty years ago the Honda US90 made its debut and was called the ATC90. Oddly enough, the initial intent of the ATVs may have started out at the opposite end of the spectrum from Japan's working class ATV.  But in the end, the results were the same. 

After gaining popularity as a recreational vehicle, the ATV soon became popular as a working vehicle.  Americans began to realise exactly how versatile this little three-wheeled vehicle could be.

Sports ATV

Sports ATVs are much quicker than their utility based brethren.   Extra care goes into designing them to be as light as possible with very forgiving suspension and responsive engines. Sports quads are used in sanctioned racing. Their speed and suspension offer advantages over other types of ATVs.

Sports ATVs are relatively new on the scene compared to their utility counterparts. Instead of ruggedness and durability, their emphasis is more on weight, speed, and suspension. 

Generally, sport ATVs are much lighter than their utility peers. This makes them much faster without the need for additional engine displacement. Although you can certainly find it if you want it.

ATV Safety

Safety has been a major issue with ATVs. This is due to the high number of deaths and injuries associated with them and the negligible protection offered by the machine.

Many common injuries can be prevented with the use of proper protective equipment. Most ATV manufacturers recommend at least:

  • Gloves
  • Protective Eyewear 
  • A Suitable Dot-approved Helmet
  • Suitable Riding Boots For All Conditions

Sport or aggressive riders. Riders on challenging terrain may opt for a motocross-style chest protector and knee/shin guards for further protection.   This is recommended for rock crawling or hillclimbing.  

Proper tires suited to the terrain can also play a vital role in preventing injuries. Fatal accidents typically occur when the vehicle rolls over.  

Buying a Used ATV

You will never really know what you are getting in the used market.  Hopefully, you can be a little better informed when buying just by taking a little time to research. Do not let the excitement of getting that new off-road vehicle cause you to lose your mind after the purchase!

We make it easy to buy a used ATV. We do the hard work for you. Our engineers choose and maintain our used ATV to the highest standards. So you can be confident that you will be purchasing a quality vehicle.

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