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What can I use an ATV for

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  • What can I use an ATV for
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What can I use an ATV for

What Can I Use an ATV For?

Suzuki sold the first four-wheeled tiny ATV, the LT50, from 1984 to 1987. After the LT50, Suzuki offered the very first ATV with a CVT transmission, the LT80, from 1987 to 2006.

Honda responded a year later with the FourTrax TRX250R. This is a machine that has actually not been replicated till just recently. It currently remains a prize winner and rival to big-bore ATVs. Kawasaki responded with its Tecate-4 250. 

The TRX250R was extremely similar to the ATC250R it ultimately replaced and is often thought about among the best sports ATVs ever built.

Utility ATVs 

Utility ATVs are the most popular type of ATV. This kind of ATV generally has brief travel suspension, a huge motor and more accessories designed for working or searching.

Suzuki was a leader in the advancement of four-wheeled ATVs. It sold the first model, the 1982 QuadRunner LT125, which was a leisure maker for beginners. 

Initially, brake lights were not required on ATVs. It was not till 1998 that they were made a requirement. At sluggish speeds, an ATVs rear wheels will move in the opposite direction of the front wheels. Therefore making it simpler for parking and manoeuvring.

Sports ATVs

Each year in June, the world's biggest three-wheeler event is held at Haspin Acres, in Laurel, Indiana, for the Trikefest occasion. 

Over the course of 3 days complete with outdoor camping, hundreds of individuals collect for the occasion.  This features competitive racing such as MX design racing, drag racing, mud racing, hill climbs and other events. 

For those who want not to compete, there are likewise many trails an individual can ride. 100 or more three-wheelers show up each year, some constructed and brought back to be raffled off, others brought to ride.


Regardless of which ATV you opt to buy from us, rest assured that your ATV has been maintained to the greatest possible standards. 

Each ATV receives a complete disassembly and overhaul at routine periods and as needed. Engines, transmissions, ball joints and other elements are totally disassembled and inspected, with used parts being replaced.

Check the CV boots on each axle both versus the differential gear box and on the outside near the wheel.  Damaged CV boots is a possibly devastating problem. Any crunching or grinding in the driveline must be immediately kept in mind.

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