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Types of ATVs

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Types of ATVs

The Different Types of ATVs

The current ANSI definition of ATVs are vehicles planned for usage by a single operator. Some companies developed ATV for use to be used by the operator and one traveller. These ATVs are referred to as tandem ATVs. This shows the adaptability of the ATV to peoples needs.

The ATV showed to have several benefits for the working class male. Firstly, the ATV was more affordable to operate than a tractor or pickup truck. Throughout the gas crunch of the 70's, that was a huge plus.

The ATV was likewise simpler to manoeuvre in tight spots and might travel over practically any kind of surface. The only issue people found was the tires.

The tires of earlier ATVs were low-pressure. This worked fine in mud or sand. But the tires punctured quickly when discussing sharper surface, like a gathered field or sharp rocks. Overall, the ATV did work that no other piece of heavy equipment might do. The initial tires weren't repairable either.

Which ATV?

The various kinds of ATVs vary in size from as small as 50cc youth ATVs approximately 700cc Sports quads, 800cc Utility ATVs, and SxS' going over 1,000 cc.

The size of most engines is measured in Cubic Centimetres, or "cc". This measures the volume of the cylinder. For numerous cylinder engines, the "cc" measurement is of all cylinders integrated.

  • Utility ATVs
  • Sports ATVs
  • Side by Sides
  • Children's ATVs

Side by Side ATVs

Side by Side ATVs are also referred to as SxS or Rhinos. They're like golf carts, only with suspension equal to that of sports quads, with larger, more powerful motors. 

SxS, with their ability to carry guests and cargo, their light weight, severe suspension and short wheelbase. They are able to take you to places you might not have thought possible.

Sports ATVs

Throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, there are many quad racing clubs with enduro and quad cross areas.

GNCC Racing started around 1980 and consists of hare scramble and enduro type races. To date, occasions are generally held in the eastern part of the United States. 

GNCC racing includes many types of barriers such as hill climbing, creek and log crossings, dirt roads and woody routes.

Utility ATVs

Utility ATVs are suited to tours  provided by adventure holiday businesses.  Their comfy riding position and overall user-friendliness let you focus more on your tour. They are perfect for taking pleasure in the outdoors. But if high speed and capturing air is more your style, you might be more of a sports ATV lover.

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