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How to Buy an ATV

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  • How to Buy an ATV
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  • 29-03-2017
How to Buy an ATV

How to Buy an ATV 

We are used to the modern and sleek appearance of today's ATVs. But this popular form of transportation can actually trace its roots back to the early decades of internal combustion over 100 years ago!

As the name implies, ATV is designed to handle a wider variety of terrain than most other vehicles. The ATV is a street-legal vehicle in some countries including the UK. But it is not street-legal within most states and provinces of Australia, the United States or Canada.

What to look for when buying an ATV

Coolant should be a consistent orange or green colour unless an aftermarket coolant has been added. An oily look or any particles in the coolant will warn of potential problems. Coolant also acts as a lubricant and if replaced by tap water there will most likely be corrosion inside the motor.

ATV and UTV axles take a beating and wear if abused in the stock suspension setting, but when you add a lift to a machine the wear comes on harder and much faster. Be very leery of lifted machines that have not had the stock axles replaced with extreme angle units made for lifted machines.

If the fronts tyres look new and the rears are bald also consider that the owner may like to do burnouts in the street. A machine with worn out tires means a substantial expense is coming your way. It may not be a deal breaker, but consider bargaining power when it comes to worn out tires.

About ATVs

By the 1980's, ATVs had gone the same route as dirt bikes and motorcycles. The ATV's were being used as a utility vehicle and for racing. More and more people were buying ATV's for riding off road trails and competing in races similar to motocross events. 

By 1985 ATV usage had gone from only 30% in the 70's to the whopping 80%. In 1988, Honda made another groundbreaking leap with the ATV's design.  The introduced the FourTrax 300 and a second model called the FourTrax 300 4x4.

Today, ATV's are fully ingrained into our way of living. You can find ATVs on the dirt bike trails, on farms, on construction sites and a host of other places. Now countries all over the world are discovering the same thing Americans have.  The ATV is a fun and efficient vehicle for handling a wide array of jobs in almost any environment.

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